About Us

Osman Drums for plastic industries Co., is pleased to present to the tradesmen and industry men outlines of their products in this scope and presents some available types of the plastic drums & barrel it can Meet all the requirements suitable for chemical and food also.
Since founding this company since twenty five years, the company proceeded in Aleppo city-the northern part of Syria, the country of love and advancement to go with the development of this world.
By the merits of the facilities and encouragement of the wise leadership to the national industry, we were able according to our experience and efforts to develop this industry that became now Shoulder to shoulder with the various other industries concerning its technology and good quality.
We, at the rate that we are proud in development we precede continuously to the best hoping that products will obtain your evaluation and confidence and hope that the future will be better than the present concerning good quality and development.
We, in Syria are proud in our wise leadership and industry and our best wishes for all our industry and trade in our country the advancement and prosperity. Hoping your cooperation and giving us your opinion.
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